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Have You Considered Frost Seeding?


Now is a perfect time to think about dormant seeding your pastures with a legume. Dormant seeding, or frost seeding, is accomplished by broadcasting seed across the frozen ground. The natural heaving of the soils in the winter works the seed into the soil. When temperatures warm up the seed will germinate and begin growing. In the past, the most prominent legume specie used in frost seeding was red clover. Grassland Oregon has introduced Frosty Berseem Clover, Fixation Balansa Clover, KY Pride Crimson Clover and AberLasting hybrid white clover that can also be sown in this manner.


Managing for Trophy Bucks


Nobody hopes to bag a small deer. Hunters scout for the ideal spot. They strategize as to what food plot mix to plant to hunt over and spend hours looking over gear. Everybody knows that what you get out of something is directly related to the time, money, and energy that you put into it.


Super Silage with FIXatioN Clover


Don and I went to visit a local farmer who was chopping FIXatioN silage last night…

He was a little late getting it cut (flowering), but that’s real life on the farm sometimes, and he’s pretty excited about what he’s seeing.


​Oregon Vineyard Cover Cropping


As the 2017 harvest year comes to a close, I thought I would share with you some of the data that I’ve gathered on a cover crop trial that we’ve been conducting in a vineyard south of Silverton. This replicated trial has been very informative.

 We originally started our vineyard cover crop experiments 3 years ago. It began by seeding all sorts of monocultures and polycultures to get an idea what might work as a cover crop in vineyards for Oregon. We quickly pared down the list and eliminated items that might interfere with vine growth, lacked winter hardiness, and established poorly. Last year we narrowed the experiment to a few mixtures and this year we refined them further. The components were chosen for the diversity that they brought both above and below ground.


Reducing the Cost of Overseeding Warm-Season Pastures


Lately the high price of annual ryegrass has got farmers throughout the South thinking about their options. What do you do when you need forage for livestock but the prices continue to escalate for seed? The counter-intuitive answer is that you spend more for seed and improve the composition of your forage.

 Over the last five years the price of annual ryegrass has increased by approximately 25%. This is due to a reduction in supply of annual ryegrass seed grown. This is the result of higher priced farm land in Oregon necessitating the shift to better revenue producing crops.


Jail Break!


After days of stretching the fence, these cows finally broke out of their pasture and rapidly walked across an alfalfa field to get into a FIXatioN Balansa clover block. The FIXatioN was planted in the middle of the alfalfa field as an observation trial. According to the farmer in Ohio who sent us the picture, not once did the cows stop or put their head down to take a bite of alfalfa as they made their way to the FIXatioN. He tried a few times to get them out of the plot but they would not move until they had their fill. Only then was he finally able to get them back across the alfalfa and into the newly repaired fence.


There's a lot of Potential in Every Inch of FIXatioN's Growth


One of the best parts of Spring in the Midwest is checking out which varieties of grasses and clovers made it thru the long winter months. What’s even better is watching our FIXatioN Balansa Clover wake up and stretch its legs as the days get longer and warmer.



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